What factors makes interracial dating is popular in US

Interracial Relationships Advice

Interracial marriage has been legal in the US since 1967, that means It is now fifty years since the American court ruled that intermarriage is legal but the number of interracial dating or rather marriages has never been as high as it is today. These rise must have been influenced by certain factors and so the question is, what are the contributing factor?


We all do have a personal view about another and the fact that we are of different races cannot be general, neither final, meaning all whites can't think all blacks are ugly, therefore attraction towards the behavior of a person is to expect and the consideration that he or she is from another race is quite personal and doesn't rely on what everyone else thinks or says. Beauty indeed is in the eye of the beholder, for example black men dating white women even though the black woman is pretty, this is not driven by race rather how the black man sees the white woman.


Interracial marriage, generally marrying of one person of a different race is a proof of how one is open to life and against racism. Racism has always led to differences among people of one nation, not only in the US, but the entire world. The breaking of this stigmatization norm and promotion of equality among the people of America is a sign of open mindendness and interaction, therefore allowing interracial dating and marriage.


Generally media reflection on how people interact, whether is on reality shows or films has a major impact on our behavior, todays film makers have promoted interracial dating, directly or indirectly this has an impact on how people are to date. This too could be a reason for the rise in interracial dating. Now the last and the main player is the online dating. It is a IoT world, isn't it? Everything happens online, they say if it is not in the internet then probably does not exist, this is true on dating and interracial dating is not left out too, amazing the number of interracial dating in the dating websites is even bigger than how anyone would imagine. Internet platforms have kind of given a new. A better platform for the growth of interracial dating, this is mainly because of ease in accessibility enabling quick interaction no matter the distance. These websites have also encouraged and motivated those who tend to shy of or fear approaching one of different confident the confidence they need, therefore it is now much easier for a black man to ask a white woman than it was before.