Online interracial dating is the fastest growing segment in the interracial dating industry: Study

Online interracial dating is the fastest growing segment in the interracial dating industry: Study

While the entire online dating industry continues to grow at an unprecedented pace, the interracial dating segment has witnessed a very strong growth in the recent years. Although we have all noticed a lot of interracial couples around us at the malls, grocery stores, in parks and at the libraries, there was no concrete evidence that could prove that interracial dating has become exceedingly popular.

According to recent statistics, around 9 percent of all the marriages in the United States of America involve people of different races. It has also been noticed that relationships between white and black people account for a majority of these marriages, with Asians coming in at a close second. This can certainly be considered as strong evidence that shows that interracial dating has taken the United States by storm.

We would also like to highlight the fact that until 1967, interracial marriages were considered illegal. Experts believe that the number of such relationships would only increase in the future, thanks to the inception of online interracial dating sites that have made it very convenient for singles to find and communicate a person belonging to a different racial background.

Another reason that is said to have promoted interracial dating in the USA as well as in other nations such as the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada, among others is the increasing flow of foreigners. A lot of people from across the globe flock to these nations in search of good education and better opportunities. This is when they get in touch with the native people and connections are made.

While finding a like – minded partner that is seeking a person from a different race would have been an uphill task in the past, interracial dating sites have certainly filled this void. Modern interracial dating sites are loaded with tones of features and come with a built – in email client and instant messenger, which ease up the process of communicating with a potential companion. is one such platform has been an undisputed leader in the interracial dating segment since its launch in 2001. The website has gone through numerous changes and has eventually emerged as the best dating service in this niche dating segment. If you're looking to find a person from another race, all you need to do is become a member of this site and start connecting with the right people using the best tools available.

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